We are the originators of the Solar powered outdoor drinking water Street Vending Dispenser (SVD) project.
Using sustainable modern technology, we have designed and developed a feasible solution to our current drinking water global infrastructure inadequacies.
Also this website shortly will enable you to purchase our genuine

glass or stainless steel reusable U-Can water flask and security paired bitcoin smartphone app. or top-up payment card.
Our environmentally sustainable global solution aims to manufacture and install 10 million SVD units; providing local highest quality, safe drinking water for all people, rich, poor, young, elderly, refugees and the unhealthy. Depending on 'age of end the user' either a 600ml or 750ml size 'U-Can' flask will be issued by NGO (non-governmental organisations') free to all refugees and the poorest people globally. Furthermore all children under 16, will be permited one refill daily of 'healthy toxin-free' quality water in their reusable 'U-Can' flasks'.

This planet's wealthiest minority currently travel between their 5-star accommodation and 7-star hotels in a private cocoon enjoying their 'served' glass bottled or filtered water on tap.
"Our drinking water is clean & pure.....what's your problem? Everything is fine."

This common blinkered (rich persons' mantra) attitude can be witnessed globally in every-other television charity appeal.
They are an important investment group, however they have become blinkered to our current urgent concerns about the provision and ease of access to clean drinking water for all.

The 5 billion majority of this world's population are insecure and fearful about the drinking water quality coming through their household pipes.
Currently millions of people do not have drinking water piped direct to their homes leading to the 1.5 million children who die annually from contaminated water sources.
Hundreds of thousands of children currently do not get an education because they have to walk up to many miles daily to acquire their family's water requirements.

Throughout human existence access to fresh drinking water has been the most important
requirement for all sustainable and successful settlements to achieve both agricultural and technological advances.
As populations grew, mankind's basic water management knowledge spread across the globe.

Due to poor national water resource management in the production of energy and food, certain regions are now facing a drinking water scarcity nightmare.
Industrial, pharmaceutical waste along with agricultural pesticides are seriously impacting the quality of our rivers, streams and ground water aquifers pH balance, globally.
Desalination waste is increasing the salinity of inshore coastlines thereby creating dead zones for local fishermen.
Privatization by the World Bank & IMF's of national water resources has seriously reduced current global national infrastructure investments thereby leading to a descending spiral of dependence on over-priced and environmentally damaging plastic bottled waters.

We are questioning the sustainability of our current global plastic bottled water system:-

  • Millions of barrels of OIL used annually to produce one-use disposable PET plastic water bottles.
  • Millions of wasted gallons of water used to grow crops not destined for food on our tables but for the production of bio-fuels and biodegradable plastic bottles.
  • Wasted diesel fuel used to transport these products daily to local retails outlets, globally. These centrally packaged plastic waters containers are marketed by multi-national media and industrial corporations; who only care about their pro$its.
  • Human health concerns about the leaching of carcinogenic toxins such as Bis-phenol-A into water stored in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles; levels are dramatically increased in hot temperatures over a prolonged period.
  • Both the physical and environmental costs of disposing of millions of tons of non-biodegradable one-use plastic bottle waste into our rivers, oceans and at a variety of
    tourist destinations.
  • Is it a sustainable drinking water future, or is it more short-term cost savings; environmental destruction and the continued waste of our manpower?

You may care about the future of our environment, you may also be frustrated by the repeat man-made disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, civil wars or the fact that millions of people do not currently have easy access to safe clean drinking water.

  • Become prepared to show your support for this clean drinking water solar powered Street Vending Dispenser project.
  • Ensure you have your U-Can (trademarked) glass or stainless steel water flask ready for use when our proposed SVDs are installed in a street near you.
We aim to fairly distribute the highest quality safe drinking water for all future generations.
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